Aug 19

[ Nate Haust Spring @ Mt.Hood ]

Filmed by: Liam McKinley
Edited by: Liam McKinley

Aug 18

[ Tony Wagner: Season Edit 2014 - Park ]

Filmed by: David Powell, Pete Harvieux and David Murphy.
Edited by: Tony Wagner

[ Hobo at Woodward Copper Summer 2014 ]

Riders: Derrek Lever, Chedda, Max Bigley, Austin Julik-Heine, Kyle Hay, and Colin Walters.

Song: “Hajme Khali” by KOUROSH

Filmed by: Brendan Barry, Jesse Shanahan
Edited by: Brendan Barry

[ Adidas Welcomes: Louif Paradis ]

"Chinatown" by Luna
"Bushmans Holiday" by Allah Las
"Die" by Cousins

Louif Paradis’ name wasn’t always synonymous with street snowboarding. That took work. Day after day, Louif grew up snowboarding the streets of Quebec City, focusing on simply riding his best, keeping his style on point, and riding spots that were unique and original. This dedication came from visualizing tricks it in his head and countless attempts. As a result, he’s netted a solid 13 video parts put out over the past 13 years.

Last year, TransWorld SNOWboarding awarded Louif with Video Part of the Year, while his film, Déjà vu won TransWorld SNOWboarding video of the year. Louif is well respected in the industry for his hard work and because he hasn’t bought into any bullshit trends. He has let his snowboarding do the talking.

Louif’s not loud, flashy, obnoxious or gaudy. He’s soft-spoken, meticulous, inspired by his friends, and interested in improving his life and his riding. And that is why adidas Snowboarding is please to Welcome: Louif

[ My Hood- Brian Pracht ]

Cameos: Cullen Bernklau, Justus Hines, Aaron Kiser

Song: “Ode To The Swinger” by Phedre

Filmed by: Mia Lambson, Devin Bernard
Edited by: Mia Lambson

[ Tanner Seymour & Friends ]

Riders: Tanner Seymour, Ben McCabe, Cullen Bernklau, Will Dennis, Jay Stellato, Kyle Kennedy, Jack Brenner

Song: “Sippin On Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia

Filmed by: Ben McCabe
Edited by: Ben McCabe

[ Deja Vu: Full Movie 2014 ]

Riders: Nic Sauve, Alex Cantin, Will Lavigne, LNP, Louif Paradis, Phil Jacques, Frank April, Ben Bilocq

Deja Vu is a two-year project by the crew who brought you “Bandwagon” in 2006. Comprised of 8 of Quebec’s top Pro shreds, this is a movie full of bangers.

Directed by: Hayden Rensch & Greg Desjardins

[ Carter Jarvis: Season Edit 2014 ]

Song: “Rolling Stone” by Reuben and the Dark

 [ Sean Miskiman: Season Edit 2014 ]

Song: “Take Me To Church” by Hozier

Aug 16

[ Alex Herrmann: Summer 2014 ]

Song: “Pins” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Aug 15

[ Misha Ilin: Summer 2014 ]

Song: “Ohh Baby” by AraabMuzik

Aug 14

[ Johnny O’Connor: Full Part - Roll Call ]

Song: “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

[ Luci Imbach: Summer 2014 ]

Song: “Talk Talk” by Talk Talk

Filmed by: Maggie Leon Drew Hastings Kevin Tolderlund Luka Nezi
Edited by: Luci Imbach

[ Josh Powell: Summer 2014 ]

Song: “Dangerous” by Kardinal Offishall feat AKON

[ Joakim Rasmussen: Full Part - Daggars / Scandalnavians ]

Song: “You Aint A Killer” by Big Punisher

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