Sep 02

[ My Hood - Johnny O’Connor ]

Cameos: Benny Milam, Joey Fava, Nick Doucette, Cole St. Martin, Miles Fallon, Christian Bulling, Taco.

Song: I Put A Spell On You by Manfred Mann

Sep 01

[ Talma 2.0 ]

Riders: Andy Nudds, Will Smith, John Weatherley, Ollie Dutton and Jamie Durham

Aug 31

[ Jed Sky Summer 2014 ]

Song: “Omega” by Gyongyhaju Iany

Filmed by: Mike Ramirez, Eli Olson, Seb Judge, Jules Townsend, Matt Williams, Ian Macy
Edited By: Jules Townsend

[ Deja Vu - Mount Hood 2014 ]

Riders: Alex Cantin, Alex Lopez, Ben Bilocq, Dillon Ojo, Frank April, Harrison Gordon, Keegan Valaika, Miles Fallon, Mike Rav, Nic Sauve, Phil Jacques, Scott Blum, Will Lavigne

"The End" by John Carpenter
"Pieces" by Dinosaur Jr
"Too Much" by Drake
"Deep Blue" by Miami Nights 1984

[ Jacqueline Lammert: Full Part 2014 ]

Song: “Gold Isles” by Grandparents

Filmed by: Dusty Miller
Edited by: Jacqueline Lammert

Aug 30

[ 686 - Reel Talk ]

Riders: Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Austin Young, Cam Pierce, John Murphy, Ryan Tarbell

You need to do what it takes to be able to follow your passion. Riley Nickerson, Austin Young, John Murphy and Ryan Tarbell keep it “reel” and provide some insight into the amount of work that goes into winters stacking clips, and summers stacking money of a young professional snowboarder.

Filmed and Edited by: Ian Post

Additional Video: Mark Reznikov, Derek Combs, Dan Tyler, Mike Thienes, Derek Weimer, Colton Feldman, Leland McNamara, Colton Morgan

[ Celsius Summer - EP 3 ]

This episode features Alex Cato, Blake Gies, Dan “Vinny” Vanzant, Mark Wilson & Nick Dirks riding High Cascade’s park.

Filmed and Edited by: Colton Morgan

[ Windells: Session 8 - Summer 2014 ]

Featured Riders: Mike Ravelson, Scott Stevens, Phil Jacques, Kyle Kennedy, Justin Norman, Max Tokunaga, Tim Humphreys, Maja Keefer, Sean Neary, Ryan Lanham, Steph Feld, Jesse Paul, Tony Wagner, Mike Gray, Nick Visconti, Melissa Evans, Cody Lee, Jon Overson, Chris Frost, and Livia Molodyh

Song: “Connection Man” by Ty Segall

Filmed by: Brian Nero, Ian Macy, Ashley Dawn Byrd, Nate Blomquist and Sam Trefaller
Edited by: Ian Macy

[ Stephon Deifer: Season Edit 2014 ]

Stephon Deifer’s park footy from the one and only Bear Mountain in sunny Southern California!

Song: ”We Do This” prod. by BLT Productions

Filmed and Edited by: Kevin Lonergan

Aug 29

[ Max Lyons Summer 2014 ]

Song: “Fancy” by Igg Azalea feat Charli XCX

Edit: No Names

Aug 28

[ Andrew Baker - 20 Tricks Whistler ]

We went to Whistler for the summer to ride. It was Drew’s first summer there and this is what happened.

Song: “The Return Of The Pimp” by BONES

Filmed by: Johnny Hancheck, Seb Judge 
Edited by: Johnny Hancheck, Andrew Baker

[ Ben Bilocq: Full Part - Retrospect ]

Song: ”Rip Van Winkle” by Witch

Aug 27

[ SUMMERized Episode 2.2 ]

Riders: Anderw Burns, Ben Girardi, Chris Coulter, Connor Winton, Skylar Holgate

Song: Monster Kill 

Filmed and Edited by: Connor Winton

[ ThirtyTwo Spot Check - Mt. Hood 2014 ]

Riders: Brandon Hobush, Frank April, Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Thompson, Castro, Scott Stevens, Desiree Melancon, Dillon Ojo, Spencer Schubert, Christian Hobush and Jordan Small.

"Slow Down" by Clyde Carson feat The Team
"Sic Them Youngins On Em" by Ice Cube

Aug 26

[ FF @ High Cascade ]

Riders: Kai Ujejski, Jordan Small, Quinn Dubois, Mark Goodall, Brandon Hobush, and Braedon Wheeler 

Song: “Pot of Gold” by Travis Porter feat 2 Chainz

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